Job Posting Date: 30 January 2012

Wanted Counsellors - Bangalore Kidney Foundation, Bengaluru

Required Full-time Social Worker for Bangalore Kidney Foundation

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Bangalore Kidney Foundation has an ongoing One Free Dialysis A Day project for several years. They also provide subsidised dialysis to poor patients. They have been conducting over 2000 dialysis each month. ( They are looking for a full-time Social Worker located at Bangalore for the following tasks in their organization:

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  1. Speaking to and counselling patients in the Rangadore Memorial hospital in Basavangudi, Bangalore
  2. Instilling confidence in the patients
  3. Collecting data about the patients
  4. Working in the administrative office in Subramanyapura, Bangalore.

The job with suitable salary will need the following:

  1. Location at Bangalore
  2. Personal mobility
  3. Counselling skills
  4. Effective communication skills
  5. Commitment to work/cause and interest in people
  6. About a year's work experience

Candidates who are interested may apply to M.V.N. Raj, Hon. Director, The Bangalore Kidney Foundation (Mobile: 9886337058) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This year the Bangalore Kidney Foundation is launching a unique project called Total Dialysis Care. This project involves identifying a small group of patients in the age group of 25-40 years undergoing dialysis at their Centre. The Foundation would provide all assistance like expenses on his dialysis, medicines ,plus a 'food packer' which will consist of rice, dal, sugar. These will be given absolutely free to these patients. The main objective is to rehabilitate these patients and ensure that they get back to their vocations. Presently, many are seen as burden by their family members. In course of time even these patients might begin to feel that they are a burden to their families and to the society.
The aim is to halt any deterioration in the self-concept of dialysis patients.

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