14th Annual Day of the Institute of Defence Scientists and Technologists

Program held on 22 September 2018, at Aeronautical Society of India Auditorium, Bengaluru.


Dr. Ali was invited to give Keynote Address at the Dr. Raja Ramanna Memorial on the occasion of 14th Annual Day of the Institute of Defence Scientists and Technologists (IDST) at the Aeronautical Society of India Auditorium on Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Understanding the continued stress, responsibilities and even frustrations that the defence scientists go through, he elaborated in detail on how one can remain young and enthusiastic as age increases, and in the retirement years. He listed out practical techniques to use both sides of the brain, bring variety into their life, and face challenges in the later years.

There was also a lively discussion on dementia and its presentation, where again Ali gave simple practical techniques of prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, since there is no cure for it. Many eminent scientists were given lifetime achievement awards and after the talk many senior and veteran scientists shared their experiences with Ali and sought his support and help in the excellent work that they are doing for the nation.

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