"Almost without exception, all successful, happy or self-actualized people have a habit of doing continuous self-introspection."
Author: Stella Mathew
"It not only makes you feel less stressed but you in turn become
responsible for keeping your home happy and at peace"
Author: Rajalakshmi Padmanabhan
"A poor man who earns his living driving a horse drawn cab repeatedly attempts
to tell the story of his son who died just a week before."
Author: C S Vincent
"I was put back on the right track when I was showing
some signs of deviating from it, by a good friend of mine."
Author: S. Srinivasachar
"The incentive to do good to somebody is often rooted in
our desire to find greater happiness for ourselves."
Author: Prof. Shobha G.
"Change the way you see everything, to see things changing around you!"
Author: Rajkumari
"Most of the time we are struggling for our basic needs. I think it’s the system,
the management, the execution of the work which is failing us."
Author: Radhika Prasad
"Aging is a part of life and no one can escape this transition."
Author: Dr. Shobha G.
"Watch your words and your actions. Don’t worry that children never
listen to you, worry that they are always watching you."
Author: Sheetal Suryavanshi
"It’s been over a year since my Dad was diagnosed with an early onset of Alzheimer’s.
I was shaken when the doctor broke the news to me."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Speech is like a baby - easy to conceive, hard to deliver."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Do not dream just in your sleep. You'll have no clue about
dreams in sleep unless you wake up in the middle of one of them!"
Author: Clifford Martis
" It seems none of the other people around advise or
mildly suggest that such a word should not be used."
Author: Lalli
"As we age, our belief system, our thoughts, behavioral patterns
would have borne a strong foundation in our mind."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"She would give them snacks and nutritious drinks, she would let them watch TV"
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"My thoughts go to the other varied ways in which we have become corrupt."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Its funny, and sad, how we form opinions about people (and animals)
without finding out the truth."
Author: Cecil Parker
"I was told to carry out a two – aircraft (ac) gun strike
on Peshawar at sunrise on 4 th"
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"With globalization and progress of the Indian economy, many traditional careers
that did not offer sufficient returns have now become very lucrative."
Author: Ram Sundar
"My desire to give back to the community
was renewed by the fact that I made a difference."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Who is the Captain of the Ship?"
Author: D Bhoopathy
"Good habits taught in early age can create so many good adults."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Memories cannot be stolen or taken away from us,
not even by the highest authority of the land."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"It is only we humans who believe that we are immortal and
that nature has been made for us, not the other way round."

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