Author: Sarita Talwai
"It is found in the unlikeliest places. Between incongruous people."
Author: Shakunthala Bhandarkar - an alumna of Banjara Academy (DCS-10)
"All through our family life Ajit has empowered, encouraged and educated me
about the Army life. So it was the call of duty which took his life.
For his bravery Colonel Ajit Bhandarkar was awarded the “Shaurya Chakra (SC)”."
Author: Prahavathi V
" When people fight in the name of religion with animosity,
what they fail to understand is that in the process,
many Rams, many Akbars emerge."
Author: Clifford Martis
"Pharmacology means the science of drugs, their preparation, their use,
side effects and such other matters. Pharmacon means drug or medicine in Greek."
Author: Deepa Rose
"Wish we could do much more for those around us, to alleviate their pain in life,
to take away their sadness, to make them happy, secure and contented"
Author: Vivek Kumar
"I feel sports have a great positive role to play in every human being.
Sports have multiple advantages."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Unfortunately most discipline techniques are based on telling what NOT to do,
and not on training the child WHAT to do."
Author: Padma Shree
"The key differential in human beings as opposed to their living creatures is
that we can feel and distinguish these emotions i.e.,
happiness, sadness, anger, fear, aspiration and dejection."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Every problem is a learning exercise, and a lesson of life."
Author: Manju Murali
"It is only you who can take the lead and it is only you who can stop you.
Hold on to it. Think about it and let’s try to be different and make a difference!"
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"There are so many failures and outcastes like him, who appear fleetingly
and disappear into dark corners of society – and no one cares."
"How an animal becomes a symbol, or a stereotype depends on the circumstances,
fears, desires, and prejudices of a particular people and time in history."
Author: Niggy Binkles
"I preferred to be honest to myself and my friends and
not wear a mask of pleasure all the time."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"When a friend comes to you deeply disturbed or confused about something,
and seeks your advice, don’t be scared or hesitant how to respond."
Author: Cecil Parker
"The PM was only observing that, though you are from Gujarat,
you spend your leaves in other places."
Author: Radhika Prasad
"By definition, emotions are our perception of energy in motion
which we recognize as a feeling. Different emotions have
vibrations at different frequencies."
Author: Sandhya Javali
" For a moment of high adventure, fun, adrenaline rush, excitement,
someone else suffers."
Author: Shireen Hussain
"Now I think I have a grasp on my emotions, quite a bit at least I hope."
Author: Clifford Martis
"A very interesting thing about the P H D degree is that
it is sometimes awarded as honorary degree."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Make a list of careers in order of priority,
keep it handy and refer to it time and again."
Author: Manju Murali
"I put in a great deal of emphasis on the realities of life,
and love to find happiness in the smallest things life offers."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Each day when I awake I know
I have one more day to make a difference in someone’s life"
Author: Sowmyashree Gonibeedu
"Sometimes people die before the relationship expires
and sometimes relations die.
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Let us admit that the education system does nothing
to help students choose the right field and direction."
Author: Vasantha Sanath
"This incident in my life taught me to never take anything in life for granted."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Nobody has time management issues, we only have priorities.
Remember that everybody has 24 hours, but you prioritize is what comes up."
Author: Sonal Patel
"Being a role model is the key to
either discipline your children or teach them how to communicate."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"There are different ways of doing it but you have to find out
which is the one which is most suitable to you."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Do not take depression in children lightly, it is better to deal with it early."

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