Accept emotions as tools for survival - just one of the many things your learn in our Diploma in Counselling Skills Course
"In most relationships we start evaluating what we are getting back. The least we desire is some form of mental satisfaction.”
"Airborne to chairborne” wrote Flying Officer M P Anil Kumar
when a crippling accident brought him down from the fighter jets he was flying,
to the confines of a wheelchair for life.
At the same time, beware of those who scold your
"immaturity" and "childishness."
"When forgiveness is learned and expressed, a huge weight is lifted.”
"The other aspect to be wary about is that unfortunately
we tend to be more jealous of those who are closest to us.”
"Children are born with an innate desire to share things,
and they are born with perfect emotional honesty.”
"One of the first steps is to discovering your childhood is to pamper yourself.”
"If at any time you feel uncomfortable with your work, or you find that
you are too tired to keep up with your studies, quit immediately.”
"In today’s era of innumerable challenging and rewarding careers
it is so sad to see people following the herd mentality and
losing out on very promising opportunities.”
"Jealousy is to be taken seriously because unlike other negative emotions
like anger and rage, it has a tendency to be long lasting.”
"At times it becomes a question of how important or useful you are to them.”
"Observe if you have been talking badly or casually about the maid’s son,
and if that has influenced him.”
"Sometimes we like to fool those who we know well,
at other times we do it to complete strangers”

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