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Our office is now open and we are available for you. Please do contact us from anywhere in the world (via Phone /email) if we can help with regard to Counselling, Aptitude testing, Career choices, or various Courses offered by us at our Academy (Classroom /Online). You can call us on from 9AM- 5PM IST 8861792260, 080-23330200/23535787, or mail us at ID:

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Registrations Open for Diploma in Counseling Skills and Life Skills Training. Click here to enquire
Registrations Open for International Program in Counseling and Guidance- an online course.Click here to enquire
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Use your reading skills and time to learn and introspect on the finer aspects of life. Connect to your family, friends and others around like never before. Subscribe to about 60 e-booklets written by Dr.Ali Khwaja on various topics like dealing with parenting, study skills, mental health, counselling, teenagers, life, career, emotional intelligence, self-help, children, disability, marriage, death, change, transformation, relationships, suicide prevention and life skills. Booklets are priced at an affordable range of Rs. 20/-, a full booklet set costs Rs.1, 000/- to order mail us at or reach us at Tel: 8861792260, 080-23330200, 080-23535787.

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Founder's Note

Dr. Ali Khwaja

B.Tech (IIT), MIE, Ph.D.

Counsellor, Columnist
Chairman of Banjara Academy
Principal faculty, Life skills coach
perpetual student

When we look back on a lifetime’s work and experiences, what really matters is how much we enjoyed (and contributed) to the journey, and not the destination that we have reached. Since childhood I was fascinated with human beings (often animal beings too) and their behaviour.

Wanting to contribute my mite towards welfare of individuals, I sought out ways and means to reach out and enrich quality of life through empowerment, and not by charity. It is a joy to see how Banjara and Banjarites have flourished in the past four decades and have made a mark in the world of human behaviour and counselling, and I look forward always to include more and more people into the ever growing Banjara family.

At Banjara Academy we "Welcome all Feelings and Thoughts with due RESPECT and EQUAL Regard".

Who Are We?

People often ask us whether we are an NGO or a commercial organization. They bluntly question whether we have a vested interest in doing “free” counselling. They want to know if we are propagating a religion or a cult, or are we clandestinely funded by some rich foreigners with shady motives. The answer to all the above is a vehement “No”.

What we are cannot be defined in conventional sense. Yes, we do provide free counselling. We never turn anyone away. We get perhaps 10-30 people walking in every day, half as many phone calls, and more than 50-80 emails per week. We attend to all of them to the best of our ability.

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We grow human beings

If you see a plant nursery, you will only see tiny saplings. As soon as the little plant starts growing, it is transplanted in someone else’s pot or garden, and it continues its growth there, with the new owners getting the flowers, fruits or shade.

Banjara is a human nursery. We plant the seeds of self-awareness, wider and more meaningful thinking, identifying talent and goals. We nurture the thoughts and ideas in people’s minds. Then, as the eagle does in pushing out its eaglets from its nest, we give a gentle nudge, and allow people to soar in the wide blue skies – choosing which direction to fly towards, and at the speed each individual decides.

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