Author: Lalli
"As we age, our belief system, our thoughts, behavioral patterns
would have borne a strong foundation in our mind."
Author: Dr. Asha Sidd
"The first step to managing your emotions begins with being aware of
your own emotions and what makes you uncomfortable."
"Person who Actively Leads his Team towards Mutual Goals."
Author: Cecil Parker
"I was told to carry out a two – aircraft (ac) gun strike
on Peshawar at sunrise on 4 th"
Author: Ram Sundar
"My desire to give back to the community
was renewed by the fact that I made a difference."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"The issue often being debated is not who is right or wrong,
but who can get the best of expertise to fill in the loopholes, to interpret
the intricate play of words, and push a few files – up, down, left or right."
Author: D Bhoopathy
"Good habits taught in early age can create so many good adults."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"It has the power to take you to the heights of ecstasy or the depths of misery."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Some issues have actually been tackled by these young enthusiasts,
and transformation is visible."
Author: Clifford Martis
"It appears that we do not know exactly how to react to words of gratitude."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Start looking for an external source of motivation – a role model,
a coach or mentor, or some techniques that will make your task easier."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"By teaching children to suppress and deny emotions, are we creating adults
who can handle the most complex of mathematical or managerial problems,
but cannot manage their emotions?"
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Your thoughts are the only aspect of your life
that not even the most powerful dictator can control."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Never too late to reduce tension, hypocrisy in parent-child relationships"
Author: C S Vincent
"There are live examples of successful persons of certain professions,
who left their professions aside and deviated to develop their talents."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"We feel we deserve to be loved by everyone (and everything)
regardless of how callous we are."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"When you come to know what the other person feels and why,
it helps you build a better understanding and a better relationship."
Author: Sabareesh
"The rain may have got me wet, but it drenched me with experience."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Perhaps one day we will also be buying ‘mineral’ air, or flavoring our air
with exotic intoxicants. I hope we wake up before that happens."
Author: S R Krishnamurthy
"The harsh reality is that the clock ticks away at the same speed almost
like the heart beat that keeps man alive every second."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
" As you keep spreading happiness and light,
you will keep getting more and more in your stock."
Author: Reema Hanamshet
"Giving money to a child begging is actually encouraging criminals
to create more child beggars and use them as a source of income."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"Manipulation is a powerful psychological tool used to control others."
Author: Clifford Martis
"Isn't it nice to accept help from someone who makes an offer to help?
It is almost like showing courtesy to him."
Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja
"The whole world also tells you that you must take life by its horns,
be proactive, waste not a moment, and work single-handedly towards success."
Author: Sunanda Vinayachandran
The setting Sun in the horizon cast long shadows of the
jumping children on the shimmering golden beach."

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